What we do

Philadelphia Rhythms is a versatile dance band providing a variety of live musical performances at all kind of events: From Community to Corporate events the band has been providing audiences with the highest level of entertainment for many decades performing at venues in and around Cape Town. Whether at Gala Dinners, Social Dancing, Product launches, Weddings, Birthday or Cocktail parties the band will create the desired atmosphere with the appropriate music.

With experience and flexible musicians to call upon the band can provide with music genres like strict tempo ballroom (or locally know langarm) adapted, arranged and tastefully done to the Cape’s dance band style, jazz, r&b, pop, disco and party music. This ever growing repertoire ranges from easy listening well know tunes to more contemporary hits of varied artist.

The band provides for the young and the not so young and always strives to get people in the mood to enjoy the experience, whether listening or utmost excitement getting everybody on the dance floor.

The band provides from a two piece to a ten piece ensembles depending on your needs and catering arrangements.

Social Dancing

The band is available for community fundraising events, from social ballroom (Langarm) dances, dinner dances, snack dances, jazz dancing to picnics and festivals. This versatile function band caters for a wide audience and is comfortable providing strict tempo ballroom, pop, jazz, r&b, party and vastrap music. The band’s ever expanding repertoire consist of well-known popular melodies, standards, musical and big band show tunes, adapted and arranged in the Cape’s Dance Band style to the more contemporary sounds of your latest and favourite hit songs.


The band can provide entertainment at your wedding reception, from background music during dinner to dance music to get your party rocking. With their diverse repertoire the band caters for all ages and cultures and will keep your guests entertain, making your wedding more memorable.


The band performs as a party band with a live musical performance of showpieces and audience interaction at numerous birthday parties, end of year functions, private parties including 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s celebrations and Cocktail Parties. The band is master at enticing with laid back cocktail music at the beginning of the evening to well recognizable chart topping hits getting patrons on the dance floor and in the mood.


The versatile outfit provide entertainment for any type of corporate event from gala dinners to product launches with various music styles. Performing easy listening popular melodies, jazz and dance music to create the perfect atmosphere and a classic mood for your unique corporate event.

More than just Music
Although the band focus mostly on entertaining, other important responsibilities include social responsiveness and development of the youth. With that in mind a Non Profit Organization Rhythm Generation were founded in 2008 by members of the historic Philadelphia Rhythms Dance Band (est.: 1947) and Valiant Heart Xmas Band (est.: 1958). The two organizations share a unique history spanning many decades and being among the top achievers within their respective fields.

The organization focuses on fusing traditional and contemporary musical sounds and styles and affording performance opportunities to its members. With the stated mission, “to preserve, promote, and perpetuate the Rhythms of Cape Town” (R.O.C.T.) musical art form, which consist of the Dance Band (Langarm & Cape Jazz); Xmas Choir and New Year Road Band; Its aims and objectives is on exposing, educating and instilling a sense of pride in young and old on our musical traditions thereby sustaining the art form and ultimately producing disciplined musicians.

The programme of events the org produces each year include music lessons, educational programs about its history, lectures workshops and publications, fundraising dance functions, concert hall performances and special programs for youth.

These programmes of collaboration are divided into two parts- one the Musical Academy and the second the Heritage Project. Through these collaborations and processes we aim to instil positive values such as confidence, teamwork, leadership and tolerance for diversity and ultimately equip future generations with the skills and knowledge to sustain our musical heritage.

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